The prints shown here are linocuts. A linocut is a relief print cut in a block of lino such that the areas cut away remain un-inked, the areas left are inked and print in the ink colour, usually black. Coloured linocuts are made from a number of blocks, rolled with different coloured inks and printed in succession and registration. Hand coloured linocuts are prints made from one (black usually) inking and painted subsequently.

Iíve been printmaking since 1991, initially in the back shed at my parentís house, then in the Taringa Studio (shown here in the photograph) and now in my studio at Mt Crosby (seen in the sketch on the homepage of this website.) The photograph here shows, hanging in the background, many of the Mother Lode prints.

The prints are for sale (unless the edition has sold out) and can be purchased, unframed, by contacting me.

Mother lode
The construction you put on it